fire station

Great news! 7000 Old Cutler Road Fire Station voted down and off the agenda for Wednesday 11/14

Today, the Coral Gables City Commission met and discussed the proposed purchase for $4M of land on 7000 Old Cutler Road to build a fire station. The measure needed a 4/5 supermajority to pass.

Fortunately, Commissioners Mena and Lago voted against the measure and the measure failed. As a result, the topic has been removed from the agenda of tomorrow’s (Wednesday 11/14) Zoning Board meeting.

Both Commissioner Mena and Commmissioner Lago were a voice of reason during the discussion. They recognized the desire to improve emergency response times. They simply questioned whether the city and fire department had done a thorough evaluation as to the most cost effective way to achieve that goal. Clearly building a fire station with fire truck is not necessary to have an ambulance in a better location.

Instead, they recommended that we consider alternatives and even had a couple of very interesting suggestions: 1) Positioning an ambulance on Cocoplum Circle during rush hour (where the Uber drivers park) or 2) Renting a space for an ambulance at the Riviera Health Resort or a local church.

We thank Commissioners Mena and Lago for being good stewards of our city’s resources.

Breaking news: rumor of fire station scuttles home sale

Last week, an offer was made on a property for sale on Sunset Drive. When the buyer was informed of rumors that a fire station might be built on Cocoplum Circle, the buyer withdrew their offer.

Note: they did not reduce their price by 20% or more, they simply were no longer interested in the property at any price. This is the worst possible outcome.

The fire station has already hurt prices.